Monday, 3 December 2012

We lost faith in the arms of love.

Hello again, this is the first time I've actually had a chance to blog in God knows how long!
I've been very busy recently, what with college, college work, work but most importantly on Wednesday 28th November, I was lucky enough to see Ben Howard in concert at the O2 Brixton Academy.
 I began listening to Ben earlier in the year after downloading his 'Every Kingdom' album on a whim. Since then, I always have time to listen to his relaxed and chilled acoustic songs. I then bought the tickets for the concert a couple of weeks before the gig whilst my boyfriend was on holiday in Poland. I had to phone him to let him know there were still tickets available. I bought them straight away as he was up for going too!
I tried to find out who would be supporting Ben Howard on his tour but it was quite difficult to find and I had to go by who was supporting him a few months back and hope for the best. Luckily, Willy Mason was supporting him on this tour. However, I had listened to him briefly before the gig in order to see how he sounded. To be truthful, I was over keen BUT after seeing him my view completely turned around and I now still have his songs on repeat in my head. The talent of both acts was incredible and I definitely wouldn't mind seeing either acts again in the future.
I would love to see Ben Howard perform at a festival as I believe that the atmosphere there would be something I would love to experience. Anything to sing the 'Love, love, love' lines back to him again during 'The Wolves'.

Sunday, 11 November 2012

The Power Of Love

Hello again! What a relaxing day I'm having, went into the town earlier to pick up a few Christmas bits and pieces- it's best to start early. I then came home and have had my feet up ever since, although I did manage to complete an essay and some other things for college. 

Anyway, away from the boring stuff. Whilst I was getting on with my work I couldn't stop listening to the lovely cover of The Power Of Love  by Gabrielle Aplin. This song may sound familiar as it is currently being used in John Lewis' Christmas advert as well as being originally sung by Frankie Goes To Hollywood. Give it a listen it will be worth it, trust me.


Saturday, 3 November 2012

Back to the 90's!

Hello everyone. I hope all's well and that you're enjoying your weekend so far!

At work today I couldn't help noticing customers allowing the 90's fashion creeping back into their style and no, not the horrific 90's girl band 'look' such as Spice Girls or B-Witched but it's safe to say grunge is back.
The 90's was all about mainstream grunge, this sort of style was usually worn by the men but now girls are allowing the trends to creep into their wardrobe. I really like how people are able to dress this style up or simply wear the clothing as a casual look.

It's not just 90's fashion that's making it's come back either. What with the likes of bands such as Peace, the fantastic and uplifting sound is really worth a listen if you haven't heard it already.

Have a nice evening everyone!

Wednesday, 31 October 2012

This is Halloween.

Well, hello again! I would have wrote sooner but I've been working all day. I know it's late but Happy Halloween! I hope you've had a good one and if you've got children or siblings I hope they've received enough sweets to last a while... or not ;-)

I thought I'd go for a dark looking picture today as it is the day of spooks 'n all.

We haven't had many trick or treaters this year however the one's we have had have gone all out with the costumes, amazing! I attempted to decorate the house a little bit when I got in so the trick or treaters are aware that we're taking part in the 'celebration' however it didn't go to plan when fake cobwebs got stuck in my hair and to my clothes some how. The flashing skull decoration didn't cause such an ordeal though luckily. This year I most certainly purchased too many sweets although it's always best to have more I guess as we never really know how many we're going to get as it changes every year. More sweets for my mum, sister and I though. So we're currently sat here in front of Coronation Street munching on Mars bars and Maltesers in the warm. This is the life.

Monday, 29 October 2012

If you're still breathing, you're the lucky ones.

So here's to the beginning of a new week and another lot of Monday morning blues, but fear not, Daughter are here to brighten up your morning as they have done mine. Give them a listen as they will not fail to chill you out and wipe away all your troubles. The London based band are set to release an album in 2013 so look out for it! 

Have a good day, guys. 

Sunday, 28 October 2012

On to the next one.

So, after realising that my last post sounded as though I gained a lot of influence from a  High School Musical  song, I've decided upon creating another post!

Some more useless information about me for now, if that's alright as I'm currently wrapped up nice and cosily in bed due to these horrificly cold evenings we're having here in Harlow recently.

  1. I love all things fashion,especially when people have their own unique styles or quirky twists on popular styles. Also, in my opinion, there's nothing better than flicking through a good old fashion magazine checking out the latest trends and such. I also love looking online at clothing and making cute little outfits in my head. 
  2. I have such a massive massive massive love for cats, I have three and I just adore them. 
  3. I currently work in Mcdonalds and it's really not that bad. I've worked there for just over a year now and I actually quite enjoy my job.Although, obviously in the long run I need to look for stronger more meaningful career. 
  4. I have a lovely boyfriend who I have been with now for 4 and a half months and he is so adorable, I couldn't possibly ask for anyone more caring than him.
  5. I love photography. Throw me a camera and I won't be able to put it down. I mainly prefer capturing images of people although in a naturalistic style however, I do think that landscape photography is just as important as it most certainly reassures people of what beautiful sites there are out there. I also find fine art photography extremely fascinating.This is what I am currently basing my photography project around, due to the image being based solely around the photographer's point of view as well as getting certain messages across to the viewer. With so many issues arising in society I felt that this was the most interesting topic to look into. 
  6. I love music, anything but rap will do. Classical, rock, pop, I love it all. I have also been in several bands in the past and have performed in venues in and around Essex. I attended theatre school for 4 years where I studied musical theatre and have also learnt to play the clarinet and guitar as well as developing my singing skills through different lessons and workshops. 

The start of something new...

Hello there! So this is my first real blog as I've only used blogs for educational purposes in the past. I'll fill you in with a little introduction about myself first, huh? ;-)

My name is Sophia Doughty, I'm seventeen and I currently live in the splendid little town of Harlow, Essex. I am currently studying A-levels at college where I am learning the ins and outs of photography, English language and media studies.  Plans after college are still very unclear at the moment however the one thing I do know is that university isn't for me, so I am planning to venture straight into a job.What the job will be however I am very unsure, I'll just go with the flow!

As for the content of my blog it's really going to be just an update of my interests with what I'm getting up to, wanting to do, buying, wearing, as well as some reviews of new songs and music videos! We'll just see how it goes!

I hope you stick around and look out for my future blogging antics. 

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